My name is David Kooijman, I was born in France in 1970 and moved to Belgium when I was seventeen. I live in Liège for twenty years now. My family is in antiques and decoration business for more than fifty years . My parents Max and Isabelle Kooijman,opened their first gallery in the North of France in 1962. They moved to Le Touquet (in 1979) and Megève (in 1984) where they continued in their love for antiques by opening two other stores. I have studied in a Belgian school to become a horseriding instructor . I became a professionnal rider myself and spent many years in jumping competitions. When I reached 25 years I realised that decoration was my real passion. I opened my first store in Brugge in 1997. Four years after that ,in 2001, I moved to Le Sablon in Bruxelles, which is a famous quarter for antiques traders. I left Bruxelles in 2008 to come back to Liège and started a new kind of carrier. I'm currently working on interior design project for private as well as professionnels. Besides this activity I work with my parents and travel around Europe to find new furniture and decoration items. One of the best things in my job is the pleasure I get when I find new items . I am always impressed by the quality , the creativily and the talent from the craftsmen. Every new project is a challenge for me. It's always difficult to match two people's tastes and opinions so it's always a pleasure to give my customers what they expect from me.