A family business founded in the early eighties, the father, William, started trading 17th to early 20th Century English furniture and European works of Art. His two sons, Stein and Cedric are now continuing the business with the same dedicated spirit and passion. Stein, the oldest joined his father in 1995, while Cedric moved in in 2002. The two galleries are located in the Leopoldstraat 27 A and 47. This is the principal art and antiques road in Antwerp. Stein, on the one hand, is an expert in general classic English furniture and silver from the 18th and 19th Century. In recent times he specialised in vintage and Vienna bronzes. He is a member of the "Koninklijke Gilde van Vlaamse antiquairs". Cedric, on the other hand, is an authority in walking sticks while also focussing on rare objects with distinguished materials like ivory, shagreen and tortoiseshell. He is a member of the Antwerp “Antique Dealers Association” and of the international walking stick association "Canemania".