I learned to love art and antiques from an early age when in my spare time I always preferred to "go play" in my grandfather's restoration laboratory, immediately getting used to that air soaked in magic and refinement that only a piece of furniture a picture can express. After successfully completing my studies, I immediately started my apprenticeship in the Plus Art family company, where I was able to get to know many sides and facets of antiques, working hard to understand the importance of my profession and the great history and mystery that it hides behind every single piece of art; attending the most important Italian exhibitions such as the Gotha, the Milan International, Modenantiquaria I could see the huge amount of work in the art world where design, organization, instinct, emotion and entrepreneurial skills come together to create an explosive mix and an eternal fire impossible to extinguish. Now I am going to tackle this profession with passion, love and dedication, for me the most beautiful and fascinating in the world, having chosen as the supporting beam of my business the quality, which must be indisputable, of every single work of art and the seriousness of my person.