Véronique Van Assche has a fine selection of original art deco furniture, art deco sculptures, art deco solid silver and collectable items of the 20th century. The gallery is known and appreciated since 1986 for authentic art deco antiques coming mainly from Belgium, France, England and Italy. Through the years Véronique Van Assche has grown a strong reputation and specialization in authentic art deco solid silver items coming mainly from France and Belgium. The most exquisit and quality designs in solid silver from famous silversmiths as Tétard Frères, Keller, Coignet, Prost, Puiforcat, Wolfers Frères, Delheid, Simonet and Georg Jenssen you will find in the collection. PRIVATE COLLECTION is the name of the gallery which is located at the Belgium coast in Knokke. Have a view at our latest collection of acquisitions.......'Collection' New! Under the category 'Decoration' you can discover a collection of new sofas, armchairs and decoration items.