I would like to welcome you to the world of crystal chandeliers. By travelling around Europe for many years and visiting many palaces, churches, manor houses and museums I was able to study the historical development and diversity of chandeliers, which aroused my interest more and more.

French chandeliers in particular have my interest. Especially the so called “lustre a tige”, “lustre a cage”, or “lustre a consoles” and the “girandole en appliques”, which came into vogue at the court of Louis XIV during the last quarter of the 17th century and continued to develop during Louis XV.

The transition from the originally used, extremely precious, rock crystal (quartz) in palaces to the use and development of lead crystal (~1700), led to the spread and accessibility of chandeliers in large parts of Europe. The Swedish court developed and produced its own variant based on the French model.

The development of the design language and the method of cutting of parts such as “plaquettes”, “pendeloques” and “poignards”, the gilding or silver plating of the frame and the way of hanging the trimmings was done in such a way that the chandelier would optimally reflect and spread the candle light with brilliance.

Because of my passion for chandeliers I started collecting, restoring and selling them. This led to my present collection, which is unique in the Netherlands.

This collection consists of pieces from the early 18th century containing rock crystal or lead crystal chandeliers, to the highest quality style pieces from the second flourish of these chandeliers from aprrox. 1870-1920.