From my gallery in Bruges, I try to offer a fine selection of rare ceramics from around the world. With several museums and important private collections as clients, it is a continuous journey across the world to find the rarest items of fire and earth. Delft tiles were my first inspiration. As a teenager, I would visit most of Bruges' antiques dealers on a regular basis, looking to add something of interest to my small but ever-growing collection. It was actually my grandfather, painter Guillaume Michiels (1909-1997), who sparked that fire in my life. A constant exposure to his collection inspired me to pursue his career as a collector. Today, there are several hundreds antique tiles in my inventory. As time went on, I started to broaden my horizon. Nowadays, my interest lies in ceramics from all over the world. Dutch Delftware, Chinese porcelain, Iznik pottery, or even contemporary art ... you name it. The more you learn about these interesting fields, the better you realise that there is still so much left to explore.