Claudia Collection is a an accumulation of 3 decades worth of experience in the Antiques world, Claudia as being a second generation antiquarian, grew up as the only daughter in a privately owned business in trading antiques and transporting antiques’. Growing up with day to day activities like dealing with merchants, receiving the merchandise, organising restoration and with the extra specialty of international packing and shipping she feels breaths eats sleeps Antiquaties and Cool Vintage Pieces and all task that come along with. As one can imagine. packing antiques and making sure every, often centuries old, piece arrives at the destination unharmed and in pristine condition, whilst still maintaining efficient volume of merchandise being shipped you need a carpenters eye for packing the Obviously as she grew up, Claudia further developed her own eye for antiques and being from the younger generation therefore also appreciating the value of vintage pieces along the way, which the public will clearly be shown once the collection on the website starts growing in size.